Gender and child custody essay

Judges are willing to re-examine the case if parents can show that they have changed by completing a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program, or have passed multiple drug tests.

The custody order is legally binding and both parents must follow it. Again, no one else in the system is posturing as "a neutral expert" in resolving these kinds of issues, and bias in the case of others such as a judge whose decision-making history also is far more public has remedies built into the system due process to preserve fairness.

Also compare Stephen P. Some judges prefer to have additional input from an unbiased professional. I would highly recommend this service to anyone. Finally, once in a while but too frequentlylawyer and lay GALs move into this relatively nonintellectual work compared with legal practice because they have particular social or political agendas.

Some jurisdictions have specific statutes that declare when a child reaches a particular age, the child must be allowed to choose their custodian. Because it really is not science, the MHP often can argue for the result that personally appeals to him, making citations to research and sometimes not even research, but to think-pieces that support desired outcome.

Failing a drug test during your child custody dispute can be damaging to your case. Dore, infra, note 3who was the appellate attorney in that case, and is perhaps the nation's foremost legal authority on the pitfalls of the "friendly parent" concept, has written a number of articles on the MHP hearsay and related problems; some of her work can be accessed at her website at http: A court will also consider who the primary caregiver is, the moral characters of the parents, and the financial status of each parent.

How likely is it that the fathers in the second jurisdiction are that much better than in the first. Confirmatory bias, logic errors, and other thought errors are rampant. Neither does publishing lots of articles, whether those be the writeups of actual research, or soft essays in trade and legal journals.

However, this tendency has more to do with what's in the child's best interests feeding schedules and sleep routines than the parents' genders. OnlineDivorce reviews April F. Relatives, neighbors and any others who have witnessed abusive acts may give oral testimony of what they have observed in a custody hearing.

Thus the proposals seek to treat only symptoms while failing to apply a cure to eliminate the disease. They are often useful in cases where there have been concerns about the behavior of either parent in such a manner as to physically or emotionally harm the child.

These are used to argue for counterintuitive recommendations justifying the MHP's participation in the case. Do an investigation and see if there are any other issues between the parties, or pertaining to either party. Share on Facebook Many people assume that mothers have greater child custody rights than fathers.

When making decisions about custody and visitation, the courts must also protect the best interests of the child. Physical custody is the time that each parent spends with the child. Decision-making in a child custody cases will turn on practical considerations such as a litigant's job training, time-scheduling, other family members' needs, and financial issues that impact family life, as well as the state's custody decision-making factors, including some, such as "moral character", that MHPs typically are unable and unwilling to factor in to their analysis.

In order to file for divorce in Missouri the interested person or the spouse have to be a resident of this state. If the child has an adjustment or behavior problem which requires special consideration may be another reason for the evaluation.

Yet in one case Effect of Affair or Non-Marital Sexual Relationship In most states, affairs or non-marital sexual relations are not a factor when determining custody.

Gender Discrimination in Battles for Child Custody

The court also takes into consideration the willingness and ability of each parent to facilitate and encourage a close and continuing relationship between the other parent and the child. If the father seeks custody it is more likely he will receive it but, if a women seeks custody as well she must prove herself fit unlike the father.

For the most part they have been inexplicably ignored outside of academia, as if they were merely interesting, isolated, alternate points of view, while a barrage of unscholarly crap spews from practitioner journals and in conferences.

Although we consider gender relations and equality a common place with society, there is a value system which is still held within our courts. There are many kinds of experience and expertise that will contribute to an individual's decision-making impacting family life and children's interests, and these are not limited to -- or necessarily even primarily found in -- the individual's academic and professional training.

Some states justify their decisions by asserting that state sodomy statutes criminalize oral or anal sex.

Gender Bias Still Exists

Custody loss rates for parents with mental illness range as high as 70 to 80 percent. Some situations arise where it may be in the best interest of the children to separate siblings.

Identify disputed issues Reduce misunderstandings and clarify priorities Explore possibilities for compromise Develop methods for the parents to collaborate Comply with court ordered custody and visitation Parents can agree to work with a parenting coordinator or the court can order them to work with one.

For more see, http: And although some small minority of practitioners may be particularly wise, it is not their MHP academic or practice experience which should be credited for that.

The bottom line is that at best it's unnecessary -- there are just not that many possible custody choices to choose from in the usual case, and a good custody decision is not that difficult to make.

To the extent that anyone with otherwise good intentions actually has bought into the voodoo of expertise, or it's crept up on them unwittingly as the "industry" has grown, or has become habituated to automatically appointing or seeking the appointment of MHPs without really thinking much about it, it's time to do a regroup and rethink.

Assessing and analyzing the evidence occurs concurrently with and after investigating. This is discussed in more depth, infra, note. Gender inequality in child custody cases has been happening since custody hearings were created. Today, fathers are less likely to win custody of their children; resulting in court and legal fees that the mothers do not have to pay.

Child Custody Evaluations - Child custody is a difficult and sensitive matter. During the disputes people go through multiple interviews, background checks, and other privacy invading matters.

Types of Child Custody in Minnesota Under Minnesota law, there are two types of child custody. "Legal custody" refers to the right to make decisions about how to raise the child, including decisions about education, health care, and religious training.

"Physical Custody" refers to the right to make decisions about the routine day-to-day activities of the child and where the child lives.

Effects of Child Custody Essay - Once upon a time, a traditional family structure was created by one man marrying one woman and procreating. Within the last few years, this has begun to change. An Ohio family is facing losing custody of their year-old daughter who claims to identify as a boy.

Due to legal restrictions, the family cannot be named, but their teenager was diagnosed with gender dysphoria in Her parents sought help but refused to allow her to begin hormone therapy or. Child Custody.

Child custody is the term used by most legal systems to describe the bundle of rights and responsibilities that parents have regarding their biological or adopted children under the age, usually, of eighteen.

Custody includes the right to have the child live with the parents and to make decisions about the health, welfare, and lifestyle of the child.

Gender and child custody essay
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