Essay on rights and duties of a citizen

In case of rights violations of someone, courts can protect and safeguard them. Right to Freedom of Religion: Thus a good citizen is one who is always found to be proud of belonging to his country - whether of birth or after living. If we do not complete our duties, we will not be suitable citizens to enjoy the rights.

Following are the fundamental responsibilities of the Indian citizens: Whenever and wherever we have any rights, we must have corresponding duties. With this situation rampant for decades, we Indians have become too much rights oriented, and we are never prone to think that, all those rights could be having duties with them.

A citizen is a person who lives in a particular country for a long time. We should pay our taxes with honesty in timely manner. Besides, there are some special categories too. As a citizen of the country we are morally and legally required to complete our duties always together.

They can be civic duties or moral duties which cannot be enforced legally upon the citizens even by the courts. If rights and duties are aptly enjoyed and performed, a country can boost up its progress. Such fundamental rights can be altered by the Parliament using special procedure.

We do not have right to get benefited with rights if we do not follow our duties properly for the smooth running of country. Some fundamental rights like freedom of speech, assembly, cultural right and educational rights are limited to citizens only.

Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens Essay

He does not act in any way that brings any sort of dishonor to the country. We need to change our thinking into action to bring some positive effect in our society and country. If we do not complete our duties, we will not be suitable citizens to enjoy the rights. It is said that rights themselves are duties cannot be completed if we do not have rights, and rights can not be saved if we do not complete our duties.

When a person is born in a place, he is automatically a citizen of it, and does not have to apply for it. Any act of the Legislature which affects these fundamental rights can be challenged in a Court of Law.

Rights are necessary to complete duties. With this situation having existed for decades we only continue to be very well aware of our rights on all fronts but absolutely ignorant of the corresponding duties.

Essay on Rights and Duties of a Citizen.

Rights and Responsibilities of North Korean Citizens Essay Words 5 Pages Officially and originally referred to as, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, North. Rights and Duties are like to two sides of a coin, absolutely inseparable.

Whenever and wherever we have any rights, we must have corresponding duties. Whether it be the home, the society or the country, in every sphere of life we have rights and duties that go hand in hand.

We have rights in the same measure as we have duties. Essay on rights and duties of a citizen in democracy the power. 4 stars based on 72 reviews Essay.

Short essay on the Duties of a Good Citizen

Bott duffin synthesis essay, brick rian johnson critique essay lektorat dissertation medizintechnik. Duties: A citizen should have duties and responsibilities for his country. He should try to do the public good.

He should control his conduct on the light of the good of his country.

Essay on the Fundamental Duties of India

He should exercise his rights with proper judgment and obey the law of road and the like. He should try to build himself to do the best service for the country.

The Rights, Responsibilities and Privileges of A United States Citizen Essay Sample. We, as United States citizens, have many responsibilities, privileges, and rights. With rights and privileges come responsibilities. Rights and Duties of Citizens.

The literal meaning of 'a citizen' is the inhabitant of the city, but the term 'citizen' is used in a broad sense.

865 words essay on the Rights and Duties of a Citizen

Every member of a state whether he inhabits in a city or a village is called citizen of the state.

Essay on rights and duties of a citizen
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Essay on Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens for Students