Counceptualization and treatment plan essay

Identify the positive and strengths aspects of Marcel's situation 4. While Christine is currently staying with Alexia's mother, Alexia is concerned that her ex-husband will try to get custody of Christine if he hears that she is in the hospital for alcohol and drug treatment.

She also feels uncomfortable in 1: What are the most pressing issues that Alexia should be encouraged to assess and address. His father is spending longer hours at work and misses the time he spent hunting, fishing, and playing golf with his son.

Although a certain amount of concern over peers' opinions is developmentally normal, some teens are particularly sensitive to their peers' opinions.

The Biopsychosocial Model: Causes Of Pathological Anxiety

When discussing three areas that she would like to focus on, Emily has stated that large groups of people make her very nervous and she often feels the need to escape.

If the patients are not recent immigrants but belong to later generations, focus can be placed on the level of their acculturation, which refers to the degree to which they have adopted the beliefs, values, and practices of the host culture Westermeyer These services were assigned to her upon discharge from the hospital with a diagnosis of anemia and uncontrolled adult-onset diabetes.

It has been crucial in this therapeutic experience that the counselor displays unconditional positive regard for the client in order to allow the client to have a model of what it looks like to have her organismic needs met in the therapeutic time together.

Person-Centered Therapy tends to focus on how to make the present situation better by letting go of the past. Alexia supported Christine through the prosecution process; the case was tried in juvenile court and the boy returned to school 2 months later.

Use training materials to develop a list of options and an initial plan of action for social work intervention with Dave. Culture refers to meanings, values, and behavioral norms that are learned and transmitted in the dominant society and within its social groups.

Although she makes a relatively low salary, Alexia has managed to support herself and her daughter without financial support from Christine's father. After Alexia celebrated her 6-month sobriety anniversary, she reports that she started having a harder time getting herself up each day.

My ethical concerns for placing Sarah in a group counseling environment are based on the fact that Sarah has a so-called shut-in personality and she does not trust anybody. Steven is very proud of his daughter she is a teacherand wishes that he could see his grandchildren more often.

In summary, culture can be understood as a complex construct of socially transmitted ideas, feelings, and attitudes that shape behavior, organize perceptions, and label experiences.

These causes can be roughly categorized into three main groups: Emily should begin feeling more confident after a few 1: The first factor is if the children born in different environments mentally and financially. The client in the case study is a year-old Caucasian female named Emily who presents with many symptoms of anxiety, social anxiety, and panic attacks.

She is expecting a baby and wants to provide the best possible situation for her child. Identify the necessary participants service providers of the coordinated system; Determine who will be responsible for the prescreening, screening, assessment, treatment, and evaluation responsibilities; Determine who will make referrals, to whom they will make them, and under what circumstances; Identify the community service partners that will serve as additional resources, act as supportive adjuncts, and will also serve as entry points by conducting the appropriate prescreening assessments for clients that come to them e.

This type of therapy was a benefit to the client, because it focused on increasing the self. The external components include beliefs, laws, traditions, customs, morals, and habits; the internal components consist of norms, rules, standards, ideals, and values.

Be sure that you have a concrete and specific strategy for how you would address alcohol-related issues with the Olivares.

Case Conceptualization / Case Formulation

Marcel describes his relationship with his older sister as "fair. Secondly, it will be difficult for her to keep some facts in secret.

Also, clinicians need to be aware of their own cultural identity and their attitudes and beliefs toward ethnic minorities, because these will affect their relationships with patients.

He said that he was not using "a lot" of drugs or alcohol, but he was not abstinent. At the time that he left home, Marcel survived by becoming involved in sexual relationships with older men, many of whom were also abusive.

Community-based services Medical treatment: I will help Sarah to become more communicative, to express her opinion and to feel free in the group environment.

conceptualization and treatment planning. 7. Recognizes the importance of family, social networks, and community systems in the treatment of short-answer and essay questions related to diagnostic and treatment issues.

The knowledge base of diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders, with emphasis on culturally. Treatment planning Report.

From the perspective of a chosen therapeutic model, apply the concepts from the Theoretical Conceptualization Report by identifying appropriate interventions that would help the client you have chosen move toward his or her goal. Free essays; Final Paper Treatment Plan; Sometimes it is very difficult for a teenager to cope with all the problems that can occur in this age period.

Most teenagers have serious psychological troubles which can lead to severe diseases and abruption of family relations, inadequate behavior and low self-esteem. Nov 22,  · WE WRITE CUSTOM ACADEMIC PAPERS % Original, Plagiarism Free, Tailored to your instructions Order Now! Psychological Treatment Plan.

To understand the treatment planning process, students will assume the role of a clinical or counseling psychologist and develop a comprehensive treatment plan based on the. Planning a psychotherapy case study and structuring a case report By David Edwards Department of Psychology, Rhodes University, South Africa [email protected] Updated February 1.

Selecting a case and finding a focus basis for a focused treatment plan. In. Given the client’s ethnicity and background, what factors or cultural considerations would you take into account in rendering diagnoses, case conceptualization, and treatment planning?

Counceptualization and treatment plan essay
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