Caste and politics in india essay

Essay on the Role of Caste in Indian Politics: Under this there are four categories — Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras.

Reservation policies thus instead of weakening caste system and caste politics strengthening it. Seats were reserved in. These comprise of the street sweepers or cleaners.

Manusmriti, the most ancient text on Hinduism, however has cited this system in 1, BC.

Caste politics

These, writes Olivelle, are called "fallen people" and considered impure in the medieval Indian texts. The Panchayat is a local government unit that is in-charge of resources disbursement. In case it is desired that hold of caste over politics should come to an end for this concerted efforts at all levels will have to be made and political parties at all levels will have to develop a code of conduct not in theory alone, but in practice as well, in which these will have to ensure that at the time of elections and in Ministry making process caste will be completely ignored.

Under the existing system in states which have bicameralism, members of the Upper House are to be nominated by local self-bodies, etc.

Now they are in a position to change the tide of power and influence the decisions in their favour. Politics finds material for its articulation by drawing the caste system into its web and moulding it into its own design.

Before independence, generally the upper caste groups occupied the centre of the political stage in the Congress party engaged in the freedom struggle but after independence, individuals from the middle and the lower castes also entered political power field.

However, in the 20th century, this theory was dismissed as it was stated that Aryans never invaded the country.

First he refers to those people who lament over the role which caste plays in politics and think that politics should be free of caste and casteism. It came under sharp criticism and protest, and students committed self-immolation protesting against its implementation.

Essay on Caste and Indian Politics Article shared by: Within the context of "social justice" corruption pontificated by the caste mafias became tolerated, and in some cases, as in the province of Bihar, even celebrated.

Role of Caste in Indian Politics

Here is a look at the people who fall under each of these categories: This form of social mobility was endorsed by Buddha. Issues at election time like inflammation, corruption etc. But it is impossible to think of freeing the society from the hold of caste system as long as reservation system for the castes exists.

Even the caste of those recommending a candidate plays an important role. It believes caste to be rooted in the economic, political and material history of India. There are four varnas but thousands of jatis. The lower the social and economic status of a caste, the higher the importance of the vote.

Being created from the feet the sudras were considered to be the carriers of others. Using the example of the northwest of the subcontinent, Buddha points out that aryas could become dasas and vice versa.

Caste is not influencing politics in the north India alone but has impact, rather more forcefully and effectively in the south. In one volume one can find general as well as specific chapters on various aspects of religion, caste and politics in India.

Essay on Indian Caste System. Category: Indian Society On September 15, By Vivek Murarka. Political parties should stop playing caste-based politics, and not encourage casteism. Caste System: Essay on Positive and Negative Effects of Caste System.

In his essay “Caste and Politics: Identity Over System,” Dipankar Gupta argues that Dumont’s understanding of caste marginalizes the competitive spirit that has always existed within India’s hierarchical system. Examine the Role of Caste in Indian Politics Caste is a social phenomenon of Indian society.

By participating in the modern political system, caste is now exposed to divisive influences and a new form of integration resulting from a new scheme of universalist-particularist relationships.

Relationship between Caste and Politics in India

Included: political essay india essay sociology essay content. Preview text: Among the major divisive forces affecting the polity, caste remains the formidable one. It refers to an inscriptive system of status and hierarchy.

Its chief characteristics are hierarchy, commensality, restrictions on marriage and hereditary occupat. Elections in India are fought with an eye on getting votes on the caste system which has its roots firmly fixed in the Indian social order. Side by side with caste system the question of reservations has become a major attraction for creating a vote bank during elections.

Introduction: Caste based politics in India Though the idea that caste is a part of a natural and moral order of things, that it is a hereditary quality which once for all defines ones position and occupational affiliation and which is associated with a particular law of conduct is rejected both by intellectuals and political leaders, caste is in Indian post independence politics continually used and abused in different .

Caste and politics in india essay
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